murder, lies and wikipedia

How I got found out ☛

I hope, dear reader, you won’t object to me taking a moment to recount an interesting development in one of my own projects, a feature film called Nitrate? We’ll return to the third part of my interview with leading film editors very soon, I promise. What’s that? You’ll give me a few minutes. Appreciated.

It all began with a conversation over beers in Belgo and ended up with a body found floating in the Thames. Except the conversation happened in 2002 and the body turned up in 1960. Confused? Maybe I should hand the reins of this story to Kevin Morris, intrepid reporter for The Daily Dot – click on the Polish movie poster below to read how I got caught in a rather big lie.

In case you're wondering, it says "Waiting..." Yuri Gadyukin's 1957 unauthorised take on "Waiting for Godot"

In case you’re wondering, it says “Waiting…” Yuri Gadyukin’s 1957 unauthorised take on “Waiting for Godot”

So, if you enjoyed this little deception and want to hear more, watch this space or subscribe to the Facebook group for “Nitrate“. Meanwhile, take a look at a trailer for the project:


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