Looking After the Little Fella

A guide to writing walk-on roles for the screen



Why we want to like a film ☛ Not long back I was working on a film which had received the sort of notes you dread: notes from someone who just doesn’t like the movie. Sadly these notes were from someone we were not at liberty to ignore. Many of his thoughts fell into the … Continue reading

Fear of Actors

On Directing Actors ☛ Hang around the industry for long enough and you’ll realize a surprising thing about film directors: many of us are crap at directing actors. I’m not just talking about newbie short filmmakers or genre hacks, I’ve seen very experienced directors manhandle performances and heard many an anecdote pointing the finger at … Continue reading

The Campaign for Real Reels

A Brief Guide to How to Make a Good Showreel ☛ There are a lot of good actors, directors and HoDs out there with bad showreels – let’s put that right. Showreels used to be the reserve of those who could afford to have one edited. Now anyone with a laptop can make a reel … Continue reading

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