Saving Your Breath

The Nature of Movie Dialogue ☛ For many years I’ve been puzzling over the nature of movie dialogue and how it works. Anyone who’s ever tried to write a screenplay will tell you that dialogue is deceptively difficult to get right. If they think it’s easy, they probably haven’t yet heard actors struggling through their … Continue reading

“The only dull part of moviemaking”

Some thoughts on the matter of sound design ☛ I was in a dubbing theatre again the other day. I’d done a minor recut on an excellent Christmas drama called Lost Christmas (5:30pm Sunday 18 December, BBC1) and being in front of that endless row of faders reminded me of my feelings about the process … Continue reading

When X Doesn’t Mark the Spot

The Rise and Fall of Final Cut Pro ☛ Apple have just released the ground-up redesign of their editing software Final Cut Pro. According to the press, the response from the editing community to FCP X has been unanimous – we think it’s a joke. The derision is so widespread that US talk-show host Conan … Continue reading

Get Someone to Help You with the Scissors

Why Everyone Needs an Editor ☛ Apple have just announced that they’re lowering the cost of Final Cut Pro editing software to $299 (probably the same in pounds). Given that the new generation of digital cameras bring the basic cost of the hardware necessary to shoot a HD feature film well within a four-figure price … Continue reading

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