“Basically the audience is stupid”

“You and I know that basically the audience is stupid” these were the words of a client I once worked with. It was not the only time I’d heard this sentiment; I don’t get to hear it much, but when I do it usually comes from someone who’s been in the film industry for thirty … Continue reading

Hearing Voices

Is there a place for voice-over narration? ☛ Once upon a time there was a debate about whether voice-over narration was a valid technique for the screenwriter to use. Mighty armies lead by the great gurus Robert McKee and Syd Field took opposing sides: Field praised voice-over and condemned the flashback as heresy, while McKee … Continue reading

Snubbing Sir Basil

Exposition and How to Avoid it ☛ One problem that vexes screenwriters no matter what their level of experience is how to deal with exposition. If you’re not familiar with the term, exposition is information that is given to allow the audience to follow the plot. Problem is, it’s very commonly given clumsily. You know … Continue reading

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