The Return of the Reel

In Which the Writer has a Kodak Moment Film is dead. It was coming for a time: when I left film school I got a lot of work as a 1st assistant editor because I was good at hand-holding editors who were being forced to stop cutting on 35mm. That was the late 90s. The […]

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What a Feature Film Editor Does

Apart From, y’know, Edit  ☛ I’ve written much in the past about the art and craft of narrative editing, so I thought I’d focus for a change on the parts of the job that aren’t putting shots together. What follows applies specifically to drama feature film editors. I’m also assuming that the feature film editor […]

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Who shot film?

A day in the death of 35mm ☛ Last month Fujifilm, one of the last two manufacturers of 35mm negative for motion pictures, announced that it would cease production of its film stocks. The move was widely heralded as one of the final nails in the coffin for movies being shot on film. Purists greeted […]

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When Size Matters

Film vs. TV ☛ What connects 12 Angry Men, The Last Seduction and Truly, Madly, Deeply? Give up? They were all originally written for TV but got a cinema release. I’ve just returned from the BBC Writers’ festival in Leeds where, although it was set up to discuss TV Drama, there was much to interest […]

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Head Leader

So here it is. I’m writing a blog, but who am I? Guy Ducker’s the name – writer, director, editor and general all-around filmmaker. And why are you interested in a word I have to say? Well, I’ll tell you. I’ve been around the movie business for a decade or so, splitting my time between […]

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