What a Feature Film Editor Does

Apart From, y’know, Edit  ☛ I’ve written much in the past about the art and craft of narrative editing, so I thought I’d focus for a change on the parts of the job that aren’t putting shots together. What follows applies specifically to drama feature film editors. I’m also assuming that the feature film editor … Continue reading

If There’s a Loving God, Why are there Bad Films?

Filmmaker Jon Gilbert told me the other day that a non-filmmaker friend had asked him, “if the hurdles filmmakers have to jump to get a project off the ground are so high, why do so many dreadful movies get made?” Those of us who aim to make movies are tortured by this question on a … Continue reading

Expect the Unexpected

Genre: What’s it Actually For? ☛ Take your script to a producer or a script editor and sooner or later the question of genre will come up. “What genre do you consider this to be?” is a question that script editors like to throw at the unsuspecting writer. Maybe you’re acutely genre-aware and can answer … Continue reading

Head Leader

So here it is. I’m writing a blog, but who am I? Guy Ducker’s the name – writer, director, editor and general all-around filmmaker. And why are you interested in a word I have to say? Well, I’ll tell you. I’ve been around the movie business for a decade or so, splitting my time between … Continue reading

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