Brando recognition

When is a good actor not a good actor?   A weird thing sometimes happens when two or more people sit down in a cutting room and look through takes. They will agree on which take has the smoothest camera move or focus pull, there’ll be little disagreement about whether the shoot looks better with … Continue reading

The Invisible Art of Editing?

Invisible vs. high-profile editing   I started in the cutting room at an exciting time for editing. The high-octane style popularised by music videos shown on MTV and made possible by editing on computer rather than on celluloid, was starting to filter through to feature films. In some cases it led to the sort of … Continue reading

What a Feature Film Editor Does

Apart From, y’know, Edit  ☛ I’ve written much in the past about the art and craft of narrative editing, so I thought I’d focus for a change on the parts of the job that aren’t putting shots together. What follows applies specifically to drama feature film editors. I’m also assuming that the feature film editor … Continue reading

If There’s a Loving God, Why are there Bad Films?

Filmmaker Jon Gilbert told me the other day that a non-filmmaker friend had asked him, “if the hurdles filmmakers have to jump to get a project off the ground are so high, why do so many dreadful movies get made?” Those of us who aim to make movies are tortured by this question on a … Continue reading

Expect the Unexpected

Genre: What’s it Actually For? ☛ Take your script to a producer or a script editor and sooner or later the question of genre will come up. “What genre do you consider this to be?” is a question that script editors like to throw at the unsuspecting writer. Maybe you’re acutely genre-aware and can answer … Continue reading

Head Leader

So here it is. I’m writing a blog, but who am I? Guy Ducker’s the name – writer, director, editor and general all-around filmmaker. And why are you interested in a word I have to say? Well, I’ll tell you. I’ve been around the movie business for a decade or so, splitting my time between … Continue reading

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