The Way of the Scissor People

How to Work with an Editor ☛ I wrote some time back encouraging directors to work with editors, rather than cutting their own material. My colleagues in the cutting room report that they are working with an increasing number of directors who are using an editor for the first time. Needless to say these first … Continue reading

PRODUCT REVIEW: ‘FilmConvert’ Film Emulation Software

Can Digital Really Look Like Film? ☛   Journalistic convention dictates that you review products when they’re brand new, but I’m taking the liberty of reviewing something that’s been around for a time. What can I say? It’s new to me. Be aware: this may get a little technical. FilmConvert is a bundle of software … Continue reading

Is Post-Production Going Out of Sync?

A conversation with editor, Mick Audsley ☛ Mick Audsley has edited everything from My Beautiful Laundrette and Dangerous Liaisons to 12 Monkeys and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but he’s concerned about the direction in which post-production is going. With the help of Hyperactive and Pivotal Post, he’s started an event called Sprocket … Continue reading

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