“And the Oscar goes to…. Canon?”

Who’s making the film – you or your equipment? ☛ The last 15 years have seen an explosion in the technology available for filmmaking: first HD, then 4k, then the new generation of 3D. Once upon a time editing was done by an editor physically cutting up bits of film and taping them together; then … Continue reading

When X Doesn’t Mark the Spot

The Rise and Fall of Final Cut Pro ☛ Apple have just released the ground-up redesign of their editing software Final Cut Pro. According to the press, the response from the editing community to FCP X has been unanimous – we think it’s a joke. The derision is so widespread that US talk-show host Conan … Continue reading

New Kit on the Block

What Turns a Camera into an Icon ☛ Recently the new Sony F-3 delivered to camera houses throughout London – the next big thing is with us. Forget the Red, and fire your Canon 5D mk2: the next iconic camera is here! It all started back in 2007 when a camera came along that was … Continue reading

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