It Takes as Long as it Takes

Some thoughts on the use of sustained shots ☛ Around the time I was getting seriously interested in the idea of making movies, a film came out that had me entranced by its opening shot: the film was called The Player and the shot ran for just shy of 8 minutes without a cut. It … Continue reading

Screenwriters Anonymous pt.2: Sustainably Sourced Feedback

How to handle feedback ☛ Readers of my previous piece will have swallowed their pride and sought feedback on their screenplays from carefully selected readers, whom they have taken pains to approach with an attitude of open enquiry (you have done that, haven’t you?) But what happens next? Is it just a case of getting … Continue reading

The Joy of Treatments

How and Why to Write Treatments ☛ Many screenwriters will think this title a bad joke – there’s little they enjoy less than writing treatments. I use to have the same aversion, but I’ve learnt to love the little fellas, in fact my two latest feature film projects only exist in treatment form right now. … Continue reading

Shorts According to Curly

What Makes a Good Short Film? ☛ My last blog on short films provoked a few debates – I’ll stick with that subject. In fact shorts have been much on my mind of late: I started editing a short for artist filmmaker Daria Martin, worked with Lucy Hay on the finishing touches to her script … Continue reading

Get Someone to Help you with the Scissors, pt.II

Some Thoughts on Working with an Editor ☛ Assuming my last post convinced you that an editor is someone you never realised you couldn’t do without, how do you work with them? The basic unwritten contract between editor and director is this: The editor promises to make whatever changes the director asks of them, to … Continue reading

Get Someone to Help You with the Scissors

Why Everyone Needs an Editor ☛ Apple have just announced that they’re lowering the cost of Final Cut Pro editing software to $299 (probably the same in pounds). Given that the new generation of digital cameras bring the basic cost of the hardware necessary to shoot a HD feature film well within a four-figure price … Continue reading

New Kit on the Block

What Turns a Camera into an Icon ☛ Recently the new Sony F-3 delivered to camera houses throughout London – the next big thing is with us. Forget the Red, and fire your Canon 5D mk2: the next iconic camera is here! It all started back in 2007 when a camera came along that was … Continue reading

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